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  • Merge

    We are proud to announce that on 16.4.2012 Dragon-Network will start process of merging 2 servers into 1, Infinite Nightmare with Dragon server.

  • Unique experience

    Over 3000 players, Huge PvP/PvE tournaments every weekend with generous rewards. Active and helpful GM-s with active updates every week.
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  • New clan events

    Big BOOST events every weekend for NEW CLANS available, claim reward for Your clan today!
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  • Newbies Boost

    NEW players will have EXTRA boost.Start Your adventure even more easier NOW!


is one of the oldest private Lineage 2 servers around since April 2004. Developed and maintained with one of the best coders for such networks by DrakeBloodbane aka Drake and few other top coders in this area. This team's combination of knowledge and fresh ideas kept us alive for so long, there is always something new and unique boiling in their laboratory ready to surprise us.Servers have been trough many phases, starting Chronicle 1 and keep it up to date till High Five Chronicle currently running, with plans for new updates.

Currently Dragon-Network is divided on two sub-servers, starting with Dragon 15x and Arena 200x.There were requests of other admins to be accepted into the Dragon-Network family but we had to reject them since our purpose is the quality not the quantity and our toughts are that current 2 servers are giving more than enough adventure for everyone to play on.

There are a lot more things to say about Dragon-Network's history/present and future day, but we want you to feel it in person, therefore we are inviting you to join one of our servers and start your adventure in the best possible way you can, and we will do everything what is in our power to make it possible, so JOIN US TODAY!!!

Here is small review of current servers under Dragon-Netowrk and their GM-s:

Admin: Drake

To contact him please register on forum and click here

Dragon 15x:

GameMasters: TrackZero, ShowStopper, FrozenAce

To contact Trackzero please register in our forum and click here

To contact ShowStopper please register in our forum and click here

To contact FrozenAce please register in our forum and click here

Arena 200x:

GameMasters: Tade, Hellper

To contact Tade please register in our forum and click here

To contact Hellper please register in our forum and click here

And our forum admin is Devilsmind

To contact Devilsmind please register on our forum and click here

Don't forget to add us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages to be the first to know the latest news and participate in events.